Advanced Air Ambulances and Medical Care

Mercy Jets is an advanced air ambulance provider and air medical transport service that uses world-class medical jets and air medical transport crews that are accustomed to the complexities and nuances of providing air medical transport services.

You and your loved ones are the most important people in the world when you contract with Mercy Jets. We put your safety and health above all other objectives. It’s our goal to be the best advanced air ambulance provider in existence and to do so through quality air medical transport care.

Here are some frequently asked questions about air ambulances and medical care:

How many medical personnel accompany the patient?

At Mercy Jets, your safety and health are our top priorities. To ensure that you receive the best care we always use a minimum of two medical personnel on each flight. If your condition requires specialized care during a flight, we will insure the appropriate medical specialist is with you to maintain your safety, comfort and peace of mind.

When do I need an air ambulance?

  • If you become ill or injured while traveling away from home.
  • If you require time critical, specialized, or extensive care.
  • If you become ill or critically injured and cannot be transported by commercial means.

What else do I need to arrange or do before my flight?

There are only three additional things to be arrange after you call Mercy Jets:

  • Decide on a time and date for your transfer.
  • Decide on a receiving facility.
  • Decide on a physician at your destination.

And if you are unsure of where you need to go to receive the best possible care, Mercy Jets will be happy to help you select the best facility to meet your needs.

What medical equipment and medications are on board the air ambulance aircraft?

All transports are equipped with Advanced Life Support (ALS) medical equipment. The medical equipment consists of, but is not limited to, cardiac monitor and defibrillators, full ACLS pharmacy and IV solutions and pain management medications, advanced airway management equipment including intubations equipment, respirator/ventilator, bi-pap, airway equipment, portable suction and bag-valve mask resuscitators, cervical immobilization equipment for those that need to be secured, FAA approved stretchers, and any specialized equipment or medications needed to transfer you safely.



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