Air Ambulance

An air ambulance is a full-fledged critical care unit. Think of it as a hospital in the sky. Serious but diverse medical conditions qualify for this type of air medical transportation. Patients who have suffered a stroke or patients with femur fractures are best served by electing for an air ambulance.

If you have more serious injuries or an advanced disease state, then you will need to choose an air ambulance, where your medical staff has access to the proper equipment, configured so that they can take care of you in case of an emergency.

How is an Air Ambulance Different?

With an air ambulance, you arrive at the airport in a regular ambulance, which is pulled up to the airplane. Most often the patient is on a stretcher, which is wheeled out of the ambulance and placed directly in the airplane.

Remember – Mercy Jets puts your level of medical care and attention first. We suggest the medical transport option that makes the most sense for you, not which flight is the most profitable for us. We care about you and your family, offer our Complete Continuity of Care Promise and work hard to provide you with a quality experience.

The best way to determine your eligibility is to contact one of our highly trained case managers. We will listen to your concerns, determine your medical eligibility and then make a recommendation for an air medical transport flight.

An Air Ambulance Provider Who Cares

Mercy Jets is an advanced air ambulance provider and air medical transport service that uses world-class medical jets and air medical transport crews that are accustomed to the complexities and nuances of providing air medical transport services.

Advanced Air Ambulances and Medical Care – How Much Does an Air Ambulance Cost?

Mercy Jets offers worldwide air ambulance medical transport services. We’re the industry leader in providing both emergency and non-emergency medical transportation. Whether you need short-distance or long-distance air medical transportation, trust us to help.

At Mercy Jets, our goal is to allow you to focus on what’s most important – you, your loved ones and your family.

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