How Much Does An Air Ambulance Cost?

One concern many people have about air ambulance services involves cost. At Mercy Jets, we provide you with compassionate, exemplary care at a cost that is often up to 30% less than that of other providers.

Consider these frequently asked questions about the cost of air ambulance services:

How much will an air ambulance cost me?

The cost of advanced air ambulance service varies greatly and depends upon several factors, including distance traveled and the specific type of care needed during the flight. At Mercy Jets we promise to help you find the quickest, safest, and most cost- effective method to receive the best care available. Call us at 888.220.4590 for a no-obligation quote.

The whole process was seamless… Mercy Jets organized everything & communications were excellent. They even arranged to return my rental car!

- Anne Harvey

Will my insurance cover the charges?

At Mercy Jets, we go far beyond merely helping you determine whether your medical insurance will cover your transportation costs. We have close relationships with many insurance companies and we’ll work with your company to ensure you receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Before anything else, we care about the well being of you and your family. For your convenience we accept various forms of payments, including:

  • All major credit cards
  • Bank wire drafts
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Cash
  • Money orders

What services are included in the price quote?

We include all transportation charges in your Mercy Jets price quote, including ground transportation, flight charges, medical teams, and medications. On certain occasions, patients may need an additional level of advanced critical care. In that case, we always disclose any additional costs prior to flight.

There simply are no hidden costs and no surprises with Mercy Jets.

Will my private insurance company pay for my air ambulance transfer?

We’ve never come across a medical insurance company that guarantees payment. If another air ambulance provider claims otherwise, we strongly suggest you look elsewhere for your medical transport services.

Mercy Jets assigns a specialized team to each client. Each team has extensive experience and fully understands health insurance policies regarding medical transport. Your specialized team will consist of at least one of each of these experts:

  • Case Manager – Experienced, licensed, and certified nurse case managers with previous experience working in insurance companies, securing benefits for patients.
  • Claims Expert – Representatives with years of experience in coding, submitting, and following insurance claims, as well as overturning adverse determinations made by insurance companies. Our claims experts have specific experience in securing insurance benefits to cover medical transport flights.
  • Attorney – Licensed attorneys prepared to fight for your coverage rights and handle any legal issues on your behalf. This alleviates the need for you to hire your own lawyer.
  • Physician – Board-certified physicians who support you as our patient and help with peer-to-peer reviews concerning professional medical opinions regarding your coverage.

Mercy Jets acts as your advocate for your air ambulance insurance arrangements. This specialized team works for your benefit at no additional cost to you or your family. Mercy Jets is on your side.

Mercy Jets gives you the advanced air medical transportation you need.

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