Private Medical Escort

Private medical escort (PME) flights provide a secluded, private medical care environment for you and your loved ones. On a PME, you have much bigger seating and we protect your privacy at all times. Patients who can move with assistant and sit for short periods represent the best candidates for this type of flight.

A PME flight is similar to a CME, but it provides an additional level of comfort and more personalized service. For instance, once the jet takes off, you may have the option of moving to a bed on the plane. A PME fits in the middle range of flights when it comes to medical care. We can provide some basic advanced life support, but not a total life support / critical care unit. PMEs give us the ability to provide comfort and compassionate care with added privacy for longer distance travel.

Is a private medical escort flight right for me?

If you’re a public figure, or just want to keep your personal business private for whatever reason, a PME may represent the right choice for you. Our expert team provides professional medical supervision throughout your journey and escorts you every step of the way.

Should you choose a PME flight, rest assured that we will ensure your privacy and security for the entire trip. We put you and your health and safety first and will answer all of your questions before your flight.

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