When Do I Need An Air Ambulance?

Perhaps you’re wondering what situations may warrant the use of a professional air ambulance provider like Mercy Jets.

“The whole process was seamless… Mercy Jets organized everything & communications were excellent. They even arranged to return my rental car!”

- Anne Harvey

You may need advanced air ambulance services for a number of reasons including:

  • You need emergency specialty care
  • You need specialized medical care in another city, state, or country
  • You need transport to your home country after becoming ill or injured while traveling abroad (repatriation services)
  • You’re a physician and have a patient that needs remote specialized medical care

When any of these situations arise, Mercy Jets steps in to provide advanced air ambulance transportation services. We stand ready to give you the critical care transport your family needs right now.

And rest assured that our experienced, highly trained team will deliver care in a professional, compassionate manner. You and your family are truly important to us.

Air Ambulance Service for You and Your Family

We use world-class, specially outfitted medical jets – along with highly trained medical transport crews – to get you or your loved one where you need to be. Our transport teams have extensive experience dealing with the complexities and nuances of providing critical care during a medical flight.

At Mercy Jets, we focus on what’s most important – you and your loved ones.

Contact us toll free today at 888.220.4590 or +1.602.314.80.70 internationally for a no-obligation quote.

Mercy Jets gives you the advanced air medical transportation you need.

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