Why Choose Mercy Jets?

Founded in 2010, Mercy Jets upholds the philosophy that people who need air medical transportation deserve to receive the highest-quality air ambulance services possible. We focus on getting patients from one place to another quickly and safely, while providing them with compassionate, expert care.

We established Mercy Jets to provide you with the highest level of patient care, steadfast patient advocacy, and knowledgeable insurance assistance – all at rates that can be as much as 30% less than those of other providers.

Why choose Mercy Jets?

 “The Mercy Jets staff was excellent and very dedicated… working all night on a Sunday to get all documents (while preparing) a plane.”

- Rossana Capurso

We’re experts at providing our clients and patients with the most advanced critical care air transport available, including:

  • Basic Life Support Services
  • Advanced Life Support Services (ALS)
  • Neonatal Support Services
  • Medical Transport Services

Find out more by contacting one of our highly trained case managers. The case manager will listen to your concerns, determine your medical eligibility, and make a recommendation for an air medical transport flight. It’s that simple.

Contact us toll free today at 888.220.4590 or +1.602.314.80.70 internationally for a no-obligation quote.

Mercy Jets gives you the advanced air medical transportation you need.

Mercy Jets

Worldwide Air Ambulance
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