Air Medical Transportation Types

Mercy Jets is proud to offer three different types of air medical transportation services to ensure you and your loved ones receive the appropriate level of medical care needed for a safe and comfortable transport. Our goal is to meet your medical needs.

Each Mercy Jets air medical transportation service begins with expert, credentialed medical staff retained to make your air medical flight safe and secure. Typically this staff consists of a nurse and paramedic or respiratory therapist (our physicians or physician assistants may be utilized in specialized cases or upon request).

What we do:

  • Take patient information
  • Show empathy and identify the needs of the family/patient/doctors
  • Give appropriate options – commercial medical escort, private medical escort or air ambulance
  • Deliver honest information to families and patients
  • Take most insurance and advocate for the patients rights to insurance coverage for air ambulance flights.
  • Coordinate all aspects of the medical transportation
  • Provide reliable, on time service
  • Eliminate worry and stress by coordinating with facilities, insurance companies, and medical personnel
  • Assistance through security
  • Keep both the family and medical facilities informed of the transfer progress
  • Care and provide comfort for the family and patient
  • Facilitate ground and air transportation from bed to bed maintaining continuity of care.

A commercial medical escort (CME) may be more appropriate than the traditional air ambulance medical flight for patients who can sit for the duration of the flight and who don’t have extensive medical problems. During a commercial medical escort our certified medical team member (registered nurse, paramedic or respiratory therapist) will arrive at the patient’s residence or facility, coordinate with the patient’s medical staff, evaluate the patient and begin the transport.

Medical and comfort care will be provided throughout the transport and begins with ground transportation to the airport. Our experienced teams will make navigation through the airport – including airport security – an easy process. Your case manager will keep your family and doctors informed of your progress and ensure that everyone is fully informed throughout the transportation service. You will be able to relax knowing that all aspects of your air medical transportation have been addressed and pre-planned before your transportation service begins.

Commercial medical escort (CME) services are available worldwide. Our teams can respond to an immediate request or book months ahead of time. Customers utilize CMEs for various reasons:

  • Medical need, such as; oxygen administration, monitoring vitals, and administering drugs or food, among many other medical requests.
  • Lavatory assistance
  • Assistance walking or transferring between seated positions
  • Carrying items
  • Navigating through foreign airports
  • Comfort care
  • Returning home after care
  • Moving to be closer to family
  • Moving to a hospice care facility, rehab facility, or long-term care facility
  • Out-of-town appointments

A commercial medical escort (CME) is a basic life support service where a credentialed medical staff member, usually a nurse, respiratory therapist or paramedic will accompany the patient during transport on a normal commercial airline. We utilize first class seats (where available) to ensure the highest level of comfort and room for any medical equipment.

Only certain medical equipment is allowed on a commercial medical escort and must be qualified by the Federal Air Administration.  Therefore patients with more serious conditions may not be able to fly commercially. Your Mercy Jets Case Manager will help verify that this service is a viable option for your specific needs.

Remember, you do not have to be a patient to utilize this service.  Numerous people seek our help in assisting them during their flight as an extra pair of hands to help with transferring on and off the aircraft, carrying items and general companionship.

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