Dr. Kumash Patel

Medical Director Dr. Patel

Dr. Kumash Patel:
Medical Director

Kumash Patel, MD, FACS is a board certified critical care surgeon.  He oversees medical transport and medical escort arrangements for patients who fly using Mercy Jets services. Dr. Patel is a speciality in critical care surgery allows unique insight with how the human body reacts during air medical transport. He sets the foundation for aero-medical care for every patient before and after each flight. Dr. Patel uses his critical care experience and medical background protocols, medical standards, training, and quality assurance.

Specializing in the field of General Surgery, Dr. Patel is prepared to perform a wide variety of surgeries and operations, mainly focusing on those concerning the abdomen and related organs and structures. Dr. Patel is trained to utilize minimally-invasive surgical techniques, reducing recovery time and stress on the patient’s body. Dr. Patel is also trained to practice Trauma Surgery. Having studied Trauma Surgery, Dr. Patel has been trained to provide surgical treatment, typically for critically ill or injured patients, that will save the life of the patient. Dr. Patel is trained to provide time-sensitive surgical care in an effort to repair extensive damage to various parts of the body.

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