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Air Ambulance Provider Mercy Jets LLC Takes Off in Phoenix

It was announced today that a new Arizona-based company is to enter the global air ambulance industry, in response to the growing need for high quality care for patients seeking medical attention outside of their immediate environs. Mercy Jets Worldwide Air Ambulance, LLC. comes equipped with a […]

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Terminal Illness Support: How to Be There for Loved Ones

When a loved one is dying, it can be a very difficult time not only for them but for their family as well. Everyone around the terminal ill member will grieve and feel sorry for them, but it will be hard to put themselves in the shoes […]

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High Cholesterol Levels

By Dr. Chris Patten High Cholesterol is a very popular searched term because very few people know what cholesterol means. Most get their information from watching TV and observe all the commercials that brainwash their thinking. Here is what you will learn in this post: 1). The […]

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