Air Ambulance Provider Mercy Jets LLC Takes Off in Phoenix

It was announced today that a new Arizona-based company is to enter the global air ambulance industry, in response to the growing need for high quality care for patients seeking medical attention outside of their immediate environs. Mercy Jets Worldwide Air Ambulance, LLC. comes equipped with a new air ambulance, medical escort, and repatriation service, and is primed to operate globally. The company specializes in dealing with private health insurance companies and in working to ensure its patients are fully reimbursed for their medical transportation services.

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Mercy Jets founder John D. Bohn anticipates the majority of initial flights to be within continental US. “There has been a solid interest from US partners in the field,” said Bohn, “but we also pride ourselves on having the capability to serve internationally, including to/from Europe and Asia.” For now, Bohn considers a Phoenix base an asset to providing high quality service to clients. “There are a number of advantages to this particular location,” he said. “In general, this is a positive and highly collaborative environment when it comes to partnering with the aviation and health-care fields. We can provide superior care at a reduced cost to our patients. We are fortunate to have a major airport with daily nonstop flights to just about anywhere, helping us to position medical teams wherever and whenever needed.”

A U.S. Air Force veteran, Bohn has spent the past six years as a pilot for a major U.S. airline and as a consultant for new flight departments. Bohn has also been Assistant Chief Pilot for a national flight school, Chief Pilot for the flight department of CableLock and has also volunteered as a FAA Safety Counselor. As a former Emergency Medical Technician, he spent many of his Air Force hours at a local hospital assessing Emergency Room patients and teaching CPR and EMT classes. Bohn believes that his 2 decades of experience in health care, aviation, and education will be “put to good use” in providing patients with the best treatment available.

Mercy Jets serves patients during medical flight, but also advocates on their behalf to ensure proper and full payment of insurance benefits. “Our goal here,” said Bohn, “is to provide transportation and high quality support to patients on their journey to medical centers that will provide them with the best care available, and at little or no cost to them or their family.”

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