U.S. Based Mercy Jets Worldwide Air Ambulance Service Operates Across Asia

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Mercy Jets Transports Patients from Asiatic Cities and Countries to Destinations around the World while providing Quality Air Medical Care

Phoenix, Ariz., August 2013 - Mercy Jets is an advanced air ambulance provider and air medical transport service that provides private medical transportation for people with significant medical conditions or medical emergencies in countries and cities throughout Asia.

Mercy Jets provides fully trained and credentialed medical staff and utilizes state-of-the-art medical equipment on all medical transport jets to ensure a safe and secure transport for all patients. Each patient is accompanied by one of Mercy Jets’ professional medical teams, including registered nurses, air ambulance trained EMTs, and physician’s assistants, respiratory therapists and physicians, as needed.

“Mercy Jets was founded because of a need for a quality air ambulance service that is focused on the patient needs,” said John D. Bohn, founder and president of Mercy Jets. “We provide this service to those in Asia who need to fly from country to country and continent to continent.”

Mercy Jets acts as the patient’s advocate, ensuring proper medical care at all times. Mercy Jets’ air medical transport staff provides top medical care to each patient and offers assistance and support to family members and case managers overseeing patient transfers.

Mercy Jets’ services include arranging every aspect of the ground and air transport and staying with the patient until they are safely and securely checked into the receiving facility.

“We’re always working to provide superior care to our patients,” said Bohn. “Our trained medical staff stays with each patient from the moment they are picked up until they are completely checked in at their destination. This simple procedure helps ensure our clients’ safety and makes the patient feel safe and cared for. And it gives family members and case managers confidence that the patient is in the best hands during their air transport.”

Mercy Jets offers a higher level of care with a compassionate patient-advocate team, which ensures treatment, transfer and continual support beyond the transfer of care.

Other services provided by Mercy Jets include basic life support, advanced life support, critical care support, maternal and neonatal transportation and a medical escort for both commercial and private flights.

To request air ambulance medical transportation aboard air medical transport jets, please contact Mercy Jets at (888) 220-4590.

About Mercy Jets

Mercy Jets is an advanced air ambulance company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Founded by professional pilot and former emergency medical technician (EMT) John Bohn, Mercy Jets is an air medical transport company that provides bed-to-bed non-emergency and emergency services to patients in domestic and worldwide destinations. Mercy Jets’ professional medical flight transportation teams receive the highest levels of training in their field. Personnel on jet flights may include certified nurses, physician’s assistants, doctors and paramedics. For more information on Mercy Jets, please visit www.mercyjets.com.

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