Do You Need an Air Ambulance?

Do You Need an Air Ambulance?

When the news of a loved-one in the hospital hits, it hits hard. 

Feelings of helplessness, anger and sadness can weigh on you and make it difficult to act. Those feelings are often compounded when your loved-one isn’t close by.

Knowing they should be at a different facility where they can receive the proper care or wanting them to be in a facility closer to home can make the situation even more difficult.

Mercy Jets Is here to help. We are an advanced air ambulance provider that will safely and seamlessly transport your loved-one to the proper medical care facility.

In which situations is an air ambulance necessary?

Advance Air Ambulance Provider AircraftMercy Jets’ services are available to bring loved ones nearer to home in both emergency and nonemergency situations.

Each patient’s situation is unique and there are several common qualifiers for determining if an air ambulance is needed. A patient may need to be transferred to a different medical care facility in order to receive specialized care or they may just want to be closer to home. Here is a list of conditions that require an air ambulance every time.

Common qualifiers that may require an air ambulance include the following:

  • The patient needs to be transferred to another medical facility for care.
  • The patient needs to be transferred back to his or her country of origin for care.
  • The patient needs to be transferred closer to home.
  • The patient needs to be transferred home for recovery.
  • The patient is using advanced life support equipment.
  • The patient needs advanced care or advanced monitoring.
  • The patient incapable isn’t capable of sitting up for a regular flight.
  • The patient has what commercial airlines deem “a condition that would make other passengers uncomfortable.”
  • The patient on an IV.
  • The patient contagious.
  • The patient requires medical monitoring.

For a complete list of qualifiers that require an air ambulance, visit

We Promise

We’re with you every step of the way.

We are committed to providing Complete Continuity of Care Promise. We act as the patient’s advocate and ensure that they receive proper medical care each step of the way. We’ll meet your loved-one at the sending facility and provide complete medical care throughout the entire flight. We’ll stay by their side until they are safely checked in at the receiving facility and provided accommodations.

To request air ambulance medical transportation or receive a quote for services, contact Mercy Jets today at (888) 220-4590.

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