Take Action and Give the Gift of Life for Donate Life Month

Take Action and Give the Gift of Life for Donate Life Month

At any given time, more than 120,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant in the United States. Sadly, an average of 18 people die every single day while waiting, simply because the organ they needed was not donated in time.

By making the choice to become an organ donor, you make the most meaningful charitable contribution you ever will, a chance at life for another human being who is fighting to live another day.

Become a Register Donor

As a registered donor, you join a small rank of people who understand that their last act in life can be the most important, the sharing of yourself at your time of passing and allowing your organs to give life to others and free their families from the grief of losing a loved one needlessly.

Every donation makes a significant contribution to a family like yours.

Every donation makes a significant contribution to a family like yours.

Becoming an organ donor is free, easy, and, as a donor, you remain in control. Organ donors can choose what they would like to donate and for what purpose. An organ donor can choose to save another life by sharing with a waiting transplant patient. Donors can also designate their gift for use in medical research helping to create cures and treatments for multiple people.  Or, a donor can choose both. Each is an important purpose.

Every donor makes a significant contribution to society. On average, a single donor saves and heals as many as 50 people.

Register to become a donor today at http://donatelife.net/register-now/ or at the national donor registry at http://organdonor.gov/becomingdonor/stateregistries.html and make the most important act of love and generosity possible.

In Arizona, residents can register at DonateLifeAZ or call 1-800-94-DONOR.

How Does it Work?

When a donor is declared deceased by a physician, donations will be used in transplants to help save lives. The process does not interfere with funeral arrangements and the confidentiality of the donor is protected.

Why Donate?

Each year, organ donors help make more than 28,000 life saving transplants possible. With the generous help of organ donors, patients are able to receive tissue transplants that aid in recovery from trauma, bone damage, spinal injuries, burns, hearing impairment, vision loss and organ failure.

National Donate Life Month

President Obama proclaimed April 2014 to be National Donate Life month in order to raise awareness, encourage Americans to register as organ donors and celebrate those who have given life by providing vital organ, eye and tissue donations to those in need.

During the month of April, Donate Life is promoting organ donations and, on Friday, April 11, the public is encouraged to wear blue and green, hold events and fundraisers and partner with local businesses, restaurants, media, and community organizations to show their support and spread awareness about organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation.

Learn more at http://donatelife.net/.

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