Duran Duran’s Le Bon Supports Air Ambulance Service

Duran Duran's Le Bon Supports Air Ambulance Service

In the 80’s he was the front man for one of the most successful band of the era.  Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran has now turned his focus on helping the British Helicopter Air Ambulance Service charity to raise money.  Helping to keep their fleet of Air Ambulance’s aloft.

The Air Ambulance Service is designed to come to the aid of those in need of emergency medical attention, in places where a regular ambulance and its attendant paramedics would not be able to arrive in time to administer the rapid response care that so often saves lives. – Le Bon

After a boating accident in which the service was dispatched and saved his life.  Le Bon now is trying to return the favor by acting as their ambassador.

To learn more, visit the BBC.

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