Fish Oil for Heart Health – Find the Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Fish Oil for Heart Health – Find the Missing Piece of the Puzzle

by: Laurel Cohen

Taking fish oil for heart health has been a popular choice for many years. There is now a prescription form of the dietary supplement. Most doctors feel that taking the prescription form is a waste of money.

Some supplement companies say that their oils are even better than those manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies. They might also be better for the environment.

The pharmaceutical companies use oils derived from the menhaden. Environmentalists are concerned that over-fishing of the menhaden can damage some of the most delicate ecosystems on the planet. One of those is the Chesapeake Bay on the east coast.

While the menhaden in the prescription version of the supplement do not come from the Bay, it still makes sense from an environmental standpoint to choose a species that is not threatened.

The hoki is a small species that reproduces quickly and is not threatened. The flesh and meat of the hoki are used in fish sticks and filets. So, they are not harvested exclusively for the supplement industry. There are other good choices, because of low mercury content and sustainability. Hoki just happens to be one of the best.

There are many reasons why you should take fish oil for heart health. First, it helps to lower total blood triglycerides. High triglycerides or fats in the bloodstream are a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

The fats can become oxidized or hardened and form clots or plaques that harden the arteries. The only approved use for the prescription form of the supplement is to lower total blood triglycerides.

The supplements can also improve the HDL-LDL cholesterol ratio in the bloodstream. Total blood cholesterol was at one time thought to be the big problem. Now, we know that it is high LDL particles and low HDL particles that are actually the problem.

Taking fish oil for heart health will raise HDL levels, which will also lower LDL levels. HDL particles work to carry the LDL particles out of the bloodstream and return them to the liver for re-processing or disposal.

Another benefit has to do with thinning the blood. Low doses of aspirin are sometimes recommended for that purpose. But, according to some doctors and scientists, aspirin thins the blood by destroying red blood cells. That’s obviously not a healthy solution.

Yet another benefit of fish oil for heart health is a slight reduction of blood pressure. It relaxes the arteries, which has a small but significant effect on your blood pressure. But, it does not work like a drug. It will not lower your blood pressure if it is normal. So, there’s no risk.

Recent studies have shown that the supplement has antioxidant and natural anti-inflammatory activity, too. In truth, it provides more benefits than anything on the market. It’s good for the brain, the skin, the joints and every system of the body.

So, go ahead and take fish oil for heart health. Just be sure to learn how to choose a good brand, before you buy. Looking for hoki oils is only one piece of the puzzle.

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