Guiding Aircraft Safely on the Ground

Guiding Aircraft Safely on the Ground

You probably seen them at the airport.  Ground handlers waving orange wands signaling to the plane.  This “aircraft marshaling” is a technique used by ground crews to communicate with the pilots when they are maneuvering on the ramp.

Depending upon the size of the plane and the space available on the ramp there can be as many as three marshalers ensuring the safety of both the airplane and the patient on board.  Two wing walkers, one on each side of the aircraft to watch the aircrafts’ wings while signaling to the lead marshaler who is guiding the aircraft to its’ parking spot.  The different signals communicate to the pilots to slow down, turn right or left, or even when to stop.

The pilots who fly the aircraft for Mercy Jets are trained to recognize not just F.A.A. (United States) signals, but also ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) signals used outside the United States. Your patients, your family, your loved ones safety are our number one priority.

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