Heart Disease – 2 Myths That Are Bad For Your Health

By Seamus Deere

The heart is one of, if not the most important organ in the human body. It literally pumps life through the body. It takes the oxygen from the lungs and pumps it through your veins to feed the other major organs of the body. It is truly a magical piece of equipment. It is no wonder that the heart has been held in high esteem throughout history as a very powerful symbol whether it be love or courage. The heart has been used at the centre of many stories, tales, myths and legends that have been inspiring many people and nations for thousands and thousands of years. Like many myths not all the facts are true and this is no different when it comes to the subject of heart disease.

There many beliefs around this condition that are not true and in many cases these beliefs and myths can endanger your health and life. Below are two of these commonly held myths about heart disease:

Myth 1: It is only a chest pain, it will soon go away

If you get chest pains on a regular basis and your habitual reaction is to wait it out is not a good idea. These could be the symptoms of heart disease and you should visit your doctor to have it checked out. If it is heart disease then the longer you leave it the more damage it will cause to the heart. This will also increase your risk of a heart attack and other health complications. If these chest pains are also accompanied with the pain spreading to the shoulder and left arm area and you are short of breath then you need to call the hospital emergency contact number immediately. Women are more responsive to seeking medical help when the warning signs appear whereas men are less so. This can be contributed to the male macho image but that isn’t much good to you if it is a heart attack.

Myth 2: Pleasantly plump

More people these days are overweight. Therefore, the average weight of a person has increased compared to what it was 25 years ago. There is a myth that because today’s average weight is normal then it is OK. The reality is that in terms of your health it is not normal. If you are heavier than your natural body weight and not the national average weight then, you are putting your health and your heart at risk.

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