Mercy Jets Assists In Rescue, Medical Air Transport Of Injured Patient

air ambulance interior PHOENIX, AZ, August 10, 2012  — Mercy Jets, a medical air transport provider, recently coordinated the last-minute evacuation of a critically injured U.S. Citizen from an island off the coast of Venezuela back to the United States. The patient was involved in an accident while on vacation and was originally admitted to a local hospital, which was unable to provide proper care for the injuries sustained. Mercy Jets dispatched an air ambulance medical team to pick up the individual and saved the person’s life.

“The medical team stabilized the patient during transport and coordinated with the receiving hospital to have the proper team of specialists ready to take over care upon arrival,” said John Bohn, president of Mercy Jets.

The air ambulance team flew all night from South America to the northeastern United States, taking the patient to the receiving hospital, where doctors performed lifesaving surgery. The patient is still recovering from the injuries, but improving each day. Mercy Jets is working with the patient and family to ensure that her health insurance coverage pays for the entire transport.

About Mercy Jets: Mercy Jets ( is a professional air ambulance company based out of Phoenix, Arizona. The medical transport company provides Complete Continuity of Care during emergency and non-emergency transport services to patients in domestic and worldwide destinations. Mercy Jets’ professional medical flight transportation teams receive the highest levels of training in their field. Personnel on jet flights may include certified nurses, physician’s assistants, doctors and paramedics.

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