Mercy Jets Medical Director Trains Military Doctors

Mercy Jets Medical Director Trains Military Doctors

With over 134 casualties in the Afghanistan conflict this year already, the military continues to use its reserve forces.  Report indices show over 3000 casualties for personnel deployed into Afghanistan in the past decade with over half being United States Citizens and the yearly average (previous three years) of 600 deaths.  The estimate of wounded soldiers is nearly triple the amount of casualties.  “The military joint forces air-evacuation program is saturated”, stated U.S. Army Captain (name undisclosed).   His request to us rendered the answers needed.

“Can you get into Basara”? was the first question asked of one of our medical flight coordinator. Our respond, “Yes” and we promptly set to work on arranging the air evacuation of personnel.  “We pride ourselves on helping all in need, regardless of what Country, ethnicity, race, or gender… our only goal is simple. Provide Complete Continuity of Care for all patients to receive the medical services needed to sustain life or prevent further injury.”

We not only support medical evacuation efforts worldwide but are also involved in training medical personnel for the military.  Currently our Medical Director, Dr. Kumash Patel, has been training a military reserve doctor to insert chest tubes and other emergent trauma surgery procedures for the an upcoming activation and deployment near the Middle East.

Even with the drawdown of U.S. troops in the Middle East, local government officials and personnel have a dire need for quick access to medical care in those areas. We do not take a political positions, but thrive on servicing the specific medical needs of patients, by working with governments, family, and other medical personnel to transport the patient to proper medical facilities.

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