Mercy Jets Provides Emergency Transport Services to College Students Suffering with Mental Illness

Mercy Jets Provides Emergency Transport Services to College Students Suffering with Mental Illness

College-related stress and anxiety leads to mental illness for record numbers of college students. Mercy Jets provides emergency transport services to college students.

It isn’t every college student who will find themselves in need of an emergency medical transport, but that number has grown in recent years due to record numbers of college students suffering with mental illness.

According to recent studies and reports by college counseling staff, college-age students are falling victim to an unprecedented number of mental heath issues resulting from unexpected levels of stress and anxiety while studying in the United States or abroad. These stresses often require counseling services and, at times, medical transportation to return home for care.

College students who develop mental health concerns serious enough to require treatment are not alone. According to mental health experts, the experience of moving away from home, learning to live on one’s own in a strange city or country, and the demands of college life can be not only stressful, but unmanageable for a significant number of students.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in four young people between the ages of 18 and 24 live with a diagnosable mental health illness. And college students are also at risk. Each year 11 percent of college students are diagnosed with anxiety, ten percent with depression, and seven percent of college students in the United States will seriously contemplate committing suicide.

Some students seek professional counseling, while most suffer without a complete understanding that what they are experiencing is treatable and that they need and deserve the assistance of a mental health professional.

When situations become serious enough, students can experience mental health breakdowns that can take the form of depression, suicidal thoughts or attempts, and other mental-health conditions that require immediate attention and treatment.

“That’s where we come in,” said Mercy Jets Owner John Bohn. “We provide transportation and medical supervision for people who need medical care, whatever the situation. And we ensure that every step of the transport is arranged and that the patient is provided the proper care throughout.”

Mercy Jets’ services include experienced medical escorts who watch over the patient throughout the entire transport to make sure the patient is doing well, whatever the circumstance.

“We’ve been there through so many different flights that we know what needs to be done,” said Bohn. “We’ll even have the medical team spend the night in the same room as the patient the night before a transport, if that’s what’s needed to make sure they’re okay until their flight the next morning.”

That’s what happened on a recent trip from Greece back to the United States. The Mercy Jets staff worked with multiple teams of specialists around the country to ensure the safety of the patient. The team included Nathan Hughes, RN, and Flight Dispatchers Carlos Valezquez, Erin Melder and Karin Balino.

“They were spectacular in handling the changing requirements of the trip,” said Bohn.

The team secured last minute overflight permits, arranged for custom officials to meet the aircraft after hours at 3 a.m., and spent the night with the patient the night before to ensure his safety.

“It’s all just part of the job,” said Bohn.

Mercy Jets provides Complete Continuity of Care, including arranging all ground and air transportation, making all arrangements with the receiving facility, keeping parents and loved ones apprised of how their loved one is doing throughout the transport, working with the patient’s insurance company, and allowing family members to fly with the patient when possible.

“We work to ensure that families are able to care for their loved ones by getting them to where they need to be under proper medical supervision,” said Michelle Doyle, a case manager at Mercy Jets. “We’re always happy to be of help, especially when the flight is for someone who has an urgent medical need.”

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