Waiting in Vain? What Happens When Your Medical Flight is Delayed

Waiting in Vain? What Happens When Your Medical Flight is Delayed


We regularly get the call for help from patients families, but it’s not the call you would think.

“Help! My mom is supposed to be flown today and the air ambulance company just told me that the aircraft is broken and won’t be available for 36 hours.”

What Happens Now?

LearJet Engine Repair

Since many transports are time critical waiting for parts to arrive and then the aircraft mechanic(s) to install them really isn’t an option.  The next step for the patient is to start calling hoping to find another provider who is available.  Hoping the company you contracted with will refund your monies.  Hoping…

When researching providers make sure that you choose one who has the resources to ensure your flight happens as smoothly as possible.  Ask your provider:other providers to hopefully find someone who not only has an aircraft that is available, but also one that is close enough to still be affordable.

  • How do you ensure the aircraft will be ready for my trip?
  • If the aircraft is unable to fly the mission is there a backup?
  • How long will it take to get the backup aircraft deployed?

When is an Aircraft most likely to be Delayed for Maintenance?

Thankfully, planes seldom develop issues that require a diversion while in the air.  Most problems will appear between the time the flight crew preflights the plane and the taxing to the runway.  This is why at Mercy Jets, we recommend using the proper aircraft for the mission.  On our international and transcontinental transfers we prefer to use Gulfstream or Challenger aircraft since they can safely cross the ocean without stopping.  Comparatively, a LearJet will normally require at least 1 stop when crossing the country and 4 – 5 stops when coming back from Europe.  Imagine stopping for fuel in Iceland and then the aircraft develops a problem.  Now you are waiting 24 hours or more for a part to be shipped in and replaced.  Now imagine that it’s your loved one is the patient in that airplane waiting for the part.

Mercy Jets works to ensure that the right aircraft is paired with the patient for both their medical needs and the requirements for the route of flight.  The less number of stops made the better.

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