Your Guide to Medical Transportation

By Denise K. Wayne

If you are moving a critically ill medical patient from a particular medical institution to another, the key aspect to consider is definitely the comfort and security belonging to the sick person, along with the time it should take to get them to the professional medical premises. Certainly, there are a lot of things you must do when a medical flight is necessary. This article will provide you with some basic information on medical transportation, and give you a handy “check list” of things you might need to have ready.

What is an Air Ambulance?

Utilizing air ambulances are among the quickest kinds of sufferer transport and more so if a large area has to be traveled expediently or if highway traffic could hold up any time it could take for a regular ambulance to get the ailing person to the emergency care center.

However, not all air ambulance providers are the same – prior to identifying which agency to use, it is best to check out their particular procedures for in-flight patient attention, safety, medical related legal responsibility and the cost of the support provided.

In-Flight Patient Attention

Give specifics on the level of transport required – You can do this simply by working with your air travel manager to settle on your schedules combined with times you want to transfer the sick person and the particular method of transfer required on the ground from the airplane to the healthcare facility.


An air ambulance is not your ordinary jet – how the pilot flies the actual jet needs to accordingly be different from your traditional commercial carrier aircraft with the pilot using exceptional caution to make sure the patient isn’t bumped needlessly.

In contemplating all vital practices that an air ambulance organization carries, their rules and technique with In-flight care is one of the essential things to investigate especially when taking on really ill and sensitive people. These kinds of clients need to have steady checking plus attention so that their issue will stay steady right up until they get to the scheduled emergency care center. Flight care mustn’t simply include things like the finest medical related equipment, however, they must also have properly skilled medical staff on site to care for the individual during the entire flight.

Medical Related Legal Responsibility

Make sure you supply the air ambulance company with information on the patient to be transferred. This will include basic details, such as:

  • name
  • age
  • compact medical historical past
  • the patient’s current prognosis
  • the patient’s current location, and the destination facility

The patient’s passport specifics might also be needed if your air evac will have to make global arrivals. The air ambulance company may also require the details of any family member that will go with the medical patient for the flight.


The business ought to subsequently give you a estimate that factors not just the journey but at the same time consists of road travel, pick-up and also drop-off specifics along with any landing costs required for the end point.

When you have your price, agree on a way of payment. If your individual has health related insurance that may take care of the price tag on the evacuation, then this is the phase where this will be mentioned as well as, as appropriate, clearance sought for from the insurance business.

Having payment issues out of the way, the air ambulance will be sending you a duplicate of the air travel schedule which will contain the departure and planned arrival details along with the time frame of the trip.



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