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With more than twenty years in aviation transportation and medical experience, Mercy Jets’ team of specialists is ready to safely transport your patient to anywhere in the world, anytime.

Your patient’s care and safety is our first concern. We continue to raise the bar to provide the industry’s safest, most advance transportation care available.

  • Coordinate All Ground and Air Transportation
  • Coordinate All Medical Personnel and Receiving Facility
  • Speak Directly to Family Members
  • Work with Patient’s Insurance to Cover their Transportation
  • Provide Industry Leading Bedside Transportation Care

At Mercy Jets we understand that every situation is unique, and we will coordinate your patient’s trip accordingly. We work with you, your hospital, doctors and receiving facilities to ensure every detail is managed. We will set up transfers, cross through customs and make every arrangement for your patient.

Mercy Jets’ experienced case managers and licensed medical staff are committed to the safe transfer and compassionate care of your patients. As a case manager, your daily schedule is very busy, understanding that,

We are here to help you.

I have never seen the process for moving a patient out of the hospital go so well before.

- Sonja
Physician’s Assistant
New York Presbyterian


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