Complete Continuity of Care Promise


Our Complete Continuity of Care Promise represents our commitment to putting you and your loved ones first – above all other objectives. We founded our business philosophy on the Complete Continuity of Care model to ensure we provide a higher level of personalized care than that offered by other air ambulance providers.

Our Complete Continuity of Care Promise – What It Means to You

Our Complete Continuity of Care Promise represents our pledge to provide the safest, most advanced air ambulance service available from the minute of your first contact us until you reach your bed at the destination medical facility. We work diligently to live up to that standard every day. It’s our promise to you and your family.

Above the fold. Beyond the call.

Our experienced staff of experts attends to every detail of your journey with Mercy Jets from start to finish. The Complete Continuity of Care Promise inspires us to go above and beyond when it comes to ensuring your health, safety, and peace of mind.

The Mercy Jets staff handles every detail and all arrangements associated with your medical transport flight:

Information gathering. Our case managers will listen to your concerns and discuss your specific needs with you. They will review your medical records and other data to determine which type of flight best suits your needs. Your family and loved ones may also talk with the case manager about their questions and concerns.

Specialized advocacy team assignment. Your specialized team handles all aspects associated with securing insurance benefits from your provider. The team will verify all benefits prior to transport and handles all necessary documentation, including obtaining pre-approvals, documentation, and submitting insurance claim forms. If necessary, your team is prepared to fight on your behalf to make certain you receive the coverage you deserve.

Price quote. Your price quote includes all of your air ambulance fees. There are no hidden or surprise costs with Mercy Jets.

Pre-flight preparations. During this phase, the medical team will prepare you for flight as well as give flight instructions to any family members who are accompanying you in the air. At this time, you and your family members can ask the flight crew about things like food service, snacks, baggage arrangements.

Medical team assignment. We will assemble a custom medical team that will care for you at each stage of your journey. The team will pick you up at the discharging facility and transport you to the airport, where they will bring you aboard the aircraft. They will also discuss your current condition and any special needs with your local care providers before the flight.

Take off. While in the air, your team will constantly monitor you and attend to your comfort and immediate needs. They will send your physician and family updates on your condition during the journey. Your loved ones will know exactly where you are and how you’re doing every step of the way. This same medical team will follow you from the discharging facility and all the way to your bedside at the destination medical facility.

Once there, they will let the physician and medical staff members know about any changes in your condition before visiting you one last time at your bedside.

Your family becomes our family. Our experienced, caring staff handles every detail for you. You see, we want to remove as much worry or burden from you, so you can focus on your loved one and family.

Now that’s true Continuity of Care.

Contact us today and allow us to arrange your air medical transport or medical escort services. Or, maybe you just want a no-obligation quote. Our case managers are ready to assist you now.

Mercy Jets gives you the advanced air medical transportation you need.

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