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Mercy Jets is an advanced air ambulance provider and air medical transport service that uses world-class medical jets and air medical transport crews that are accustomed to the complexities and nuances of providing air medical transport services.

Our Complete Continuity of Care Promise means that our trained medical staff will care for you from the moment you begin your journey with us to the moment you arrive at your new care facility. No service gaps. No needless worrying. We’re here to transport you safely and securely.

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You and your loved ones are the most important people in the world when you contract with Mercy Jets. We put your safety and health above all other objectives. It’s our goal to be the best advanced air ambulance provider in existence and to do so through quality air medical transport care.

Advanced Air Ambulances and Medical Care – How Much Does an Air Ambulance Cost?

Mercy Jets is an advanced air ambulance provider and air medical transport service that uses world-class medical jets and air medical transport crews that are accustomed to the complexities and nuances of providing air medical transport services.

Why Use an Air Ambulance Provider?

Mercy Jets offers worldwide air ambulance medical transport services. We’re the industry leader in providing both emergency and non-emergency medical transportation. Whether you need short-distance or long-distance air medical transportation, trust us to help.

At Mercy Jets, our goal is to allow you to focus on what’s most important – you, your loved ones and your family.

Complete Continuity of Care Promise

Air ambulance provider Mercy Jets will provide you the safest, quickest and most comfortable non-emergency and emergency air ambulance medical transportation available. 


We act as the patient’s advocate, ensuring proper medical care at all times. Our air medical transport staff not only provides top medical care to our advanced air ambulance patients, we also offer assistance and support to family members and other medical personnel.

We meet the patient and family at the sending facility and provide complete medical care until the receiving facility staff takes over. This ensures continuity of care and reduces the opportunity for administrative or medical errors.

Coordinating All Aspects of Your Air Ambulance Flight

We understand that every situation is unique and we will coordinate your trip accordingly. Mercy Jets works with hospital and facility doctors, case managers and nurses to coordinate the advanced air ambulance medical transport – right down to the last detail. We set up transfers, cross through customs and can make arrangements for family, friends and even pets.

Do I need an Air Ambulance?

There are many different qualifiers for what type of air medical transportation you and your family are best suited to use. It’s our job to help you find the best qualified and most economical option for your air medical transportation needs. Contacting us is the best option for an accurate air ambulance quote.

We understand that cost is a determining factor in an air ambulance decision. If possible, we will work to place you on a commercial medical escort or private medical escort flight. There are some conditions, however, that require an air ambulance every time.

Here is a list of qualifiers that require an air ambulance:

  • Is the patient using advanced life support equipment?
  • Does the patient need advanced care or advanced monitoring?
  • Is the patient incapable of sitting up?
  • Does the patient have what commercial airlines deem as “a condition that would make other passengers uncomfortable”?
  • Is the patient on an IV
  • If the patient is on oxygen, is the O2 demand greater than 3 LPM (liters per minute)?
  • Is the patient combative?
  • Is the patient contagious and/or communicable?
  • Can the patient NOT use a normal aircraft seat with the seat back placed in the UPRIGHT position when required?

Is a Private Medical Escort Flight Right for Me?

There are many instances where a private medical escort flight is the right choice for your care. Since Mercy Jets puts your level of medical care and attention first, we answer all of your questions honestly and professionally.

We want to offer the air medical transport option that makes the most sense for your condition. We care about you and your family, offer our Complete Continuity of Care Promise and work hard to provide you with a quality experience.

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The best way to determine your eligibility is to contact one of our highly trained case managers. We will listen to your concerns, determine your medical eligibility and then make a recommendation for an air medical transport flight.

Working with Medical Insurance Companies

Mercy Jets accepts insurance plans.

When you don’t deal with medical insurance on a daily basis, things can get confusing. At Mercy Jets, we’re your medical insurance company advocate. We will help you understand what is available, what is required and, as an advanced air ambulance provider, answer your questions as honestly and fully as we can.

How Much Does an Air Ambulance Cost?

We understand medical insurance claims and we have staff well-versed in medical insurance and legal lingo to ensure that your medical insurance company pays for your air ambulance medical transportation services properly.

We’ve never met an insurance company that automatically guarantees payment, so if another air ambulance company makes this statement, we suggest you look elsewhere.

At Mercy Jets We Put Your Medical Care First

Our goal is to allow you to focus on what’s most important – you, your loved ones and your family.

To request air ambulance medical transportation aboard air medical transport jets, please contact Mercy Jets directly at (888) 220-4590.

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