Patient / Family Member Information

We understand how stressful this time is.  Trying to make the correct decisions on your loved ones health care can be overwhelming.  We at Mercy Jets are committed to standing beside you and helping your loved one get the medical care they need and deserve.  By offering you the peace of mind in knowing that your medical transport will be handled smoothly and safely.  We will ensure every detail is taken care of along the way.

Mercy Jets will provide you a flying Intensive Care Unit with state of the art medical equipment enabling the medical team to provide you the best possible medical care.

Whether you mother needs assistance in flying back home or your daughter needs life saving surgery, the team at Mercy Jets will be there to help.

What We Will Provide You

  • Industry Leading True Bed to Bed service: Always by your side ensuring your family member receives the proper medical attention during their air ambulance transport.
  • Complete Continuity of Care: Putting your health and safety above all other objectives.
  • Domestic and Worldwide Medical Transport: Coordination across the world ensures your air ambulance transport will go smoothly whether you are going next door or halfway around the world.
  • Communication: Ensuring you, your family members, and your medical team are up to date on all the latest changes in your loved ones medical condition ensures their safety.
  • Insurance claims and billing assistance: You have enough to worry about. Mercy Jets will work with your insurance company on your behalf to ensure authorizations and claims are properly billed.

Acute and Specialty Care Abilities

  • Virtually any Medical Condition
  • Neonatal / Pediatric Patients
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
  • Burn Care
  • Respiratory Illness / Ventilator Dependence
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Open and Closed Head Injuries
  • Trauma / Multi Trauma Care
  • Medical Convalescent Transport
  • Cancer


Which Transport is Best for My Condition

Air Ambulance

Commercial Medical Escort

Private Medical Escort

Important questions to ask your air ambulance service provider

  1. Do you have a medical director?
  2. Can you properly care for my condition?
  3. Who will the medical team be?
  4. If my insurance doesn’t pay how much will I owe?
  5. Can a companion accompany me?

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