Reducing Our Air Ambulance Carbon Footprint

air ambulance and green earth
Traveling by airplane can be carbon intensive. As an advanced air ambulance provider, we are taking steps to help reduce our carbon footprint. By implementing innovative programs, such as Taxi 1, and making sensible changes in our operating environments, we have been able to reduce our carbon footprint.  Mercy Jets is committed to the health of our patients, our families, and our world.

Mercy Jets was the first air ambulance provider with a green mandate.

Some of the steps we’ve taken:

  • Flight planning software finds most efficient route and altitude to fly. This reduces your time in the air and the amount of fuel consumed by the air ambulance.
  • With the implementing of the Taxi 1 initiative, we encourage pilots to ground taxi with only one engine running, eliminating unnecessary fuel consumption.
  • Using ground support equipment in lieu of running auxiliary power systems on the airplane.
  • Making extensive use of energy efficient devices, such as LED and CFL lighting.
  • Striving to maintain a “paperless office” as much as feasible. Increasing the speed with which we can access your data while protecting the environment.
  • When acquiring new air ambulance aircraft, we ensure that engines used are as fuel efficient as possible.

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