Repatriation and Air Ambulance Services

When a person suffers an illness or injury outside their home country that requires medical treatment or inhibits the ability to travel, that person can be entitled to repatriation, a return to their country of citizenship, by their medical insurer.

The Medical Repatriation Experience with Mercy Jets

At Mercy Jets, we specialize in medical repatriation. Our goal is to get you or your loved one back home to receive needed medical care and nurturing.

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To do that, we equip our flights with knowledgeable medical staff and the medical equipment necessary to provide the best, medically supervised transport possible.

Mercy Jets’ has coordinated medical repatriation missions to every continent on the planet, with the exception of Antarctica (and we can get there, too).

Travel with Mercy Jets and Receive Complete Continuity of Care

Mercy Jets provides the safest air ambulance transportation in the industry, by accompanying you during every stage of your journey. Our medical teams will meet you where you are residing or at the discharging facility and accompany you until you reach your destination – not just the airport, but to your bedside at the receiving facility

It’s incredibly important to us that your medical care be as seamless as possible. We’ll transport you and ensure the receiving facility receives all of your details upon your arrival.  Minimizing any gaps in you or your loved one’s care.

Contact one of our experienced case managers today to learn more about our Complete Continuity of Care promise.

Understanding Insurance and Filing your Medical Repatriation Claim

When you don’t deal with medical insurance on a daily basis, things can get confusing. At Mercy Jets, we’re your medical insurance company advocate. Mercy Jets’ professional staff works with you to help you understand your benefits and the insurance process for repatriation.Harvey-Testimonial-2

If you have had any contact with your insurance company, you may have heard the term non-covered service, patient liability, must use our provider only.  These are all false.   As part of our medical repatriation service, we’ll navigate these confusing waters for you, provide you with honest facts, and will prepare and file your claim.

After you have arrived at home, Mercy Jets will continue to advocate for your rights as a patient.  We won’t stop until we’ve exhausted all avenues to have your insurance company refund all of your out of pocket costs.

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