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  1. Over 1500 Books Distributed To Local Schools
    2-Feb-15 • Comments Off
  2. Take Action and Give the Gift of Life for Donate Life Month
    24-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  3. Help Prevent Child Abuse
    24-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  4. Do You Need an Air Ambulance?
    24-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  5. Neonatal Air Ambulance Transportation Service
    24-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  6. Approach and Landing into Queenstown, New Zealand
    21-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  7. 100 Years of Commercial Aviation
    17-Mar-14 • Comments Off
  8. Mercy Jets’ Michelle Doyle Volunteers with Sister Cities for Inaugural Mayor’s International Gala
    17-Mar-14 • Comments Off
  9. Authentic Irish Recipe for Saint Patrick’s Day
    16-Mar-14 • Comments Off
  10. New Information about Heart Disease and Strokes Give Reason for Hope
    24-Feb-14 • Comments Off
  11. New Facts about Cancer May Surprise You
    6-Feb-14 • Comments Off
  12. Outsmart Glaucoma the Sneak Thief of Sight
    28-Jan-14 • Comments Off
  13. Emergency Numbers and Safety Tips for International Travel
    7-Jan-14 • Comments Off
  14. A Great Day to be a Quitter! The Great American Smokeout is Thursday, Nov. 21
    19-Nov-13 • 2 Comments
  15. Dispel the Myths and Learn the Facts about Breast Cancer
    24-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  16. Domestic Violence in the United States
    14-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  17. Mercy Jets Provides Emergency Transport Services to College Students Suffering with Mental Illness
    11-Sep-13 • Comments Off
  18. Psoriasis – The Who, Why and How of America’s Most Common Autoimmune Disease
    18-Aug-13 • Comments Off
  19. Relay for Life 2013: American Cancer Society Raises Money and Awareness with annual fundraising events
    18-Aug-13 • Comments Off
  20. U.S. Based Mercy Jets Worldwide Air Ambulance Service Operates Across Asia
    7-Aug-13 • Comments Off
  21. What You Don’t Know About Hepatitis Can Kill You
    18-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  22. Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month 2013
    17-Jul-13 • 1 Comment
  23. Mercy Jets President Talks About Making a Difference in Peoples Lives
    14-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  24. Mercy Jets Air Ambulance transports Husband and Father to Mayo Clinic for Life Saving Surgery
    14-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  25. Mercy Jets reunites Family after Air Ambulance Transport
    14-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  26. Teenager Receives Life Changing Surgery after Air Ambulance Flight
    14-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  27. Mercy Jets transports Patient and Family to Italy for Specialized Treatment
    14-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  28. Childhood Skin Cancer a Growing Concern – Help Your Child Develop Good Habits
    1-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  29. Skin Cancer: One of America’s Most Preventable Diseases?
    20-Jun-13 • Comments Off
  30. National Mental Health Awareness Month
    9-Jun-13 • Comments Off
  31. Driver Distraction a Leading Cause of Trauma in the United States
    29-May-13 • Comments Off
  32. Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week
    9-May-13 • Comments Off
  33. Children’s Mental Health Resource Directory by State
    9-May-13 • 1 Comment
  34. What is Apraxia?
    9-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  35. Hands Only CPR!
    5-Feb-13 • Comments Off
  36. Do I Have a Cold or the Flu?
    16-Jan-13 • Comments Off
  37. Right Aircraft for the Right Trip
    5-Jan-13 • Comments Off
  38. Mercy Jets Announces Construction Of New Handicap Access Ramps
    10-Aug-12 • Comments Off
  39. Mercy Jets Assists In Rescue, Medical Air Transport Of Injured Patient
    10-Aug-12 • Comments Off
  40. Guiding Aircraft Safely on the Ground
    21-May-12 • Comments Off
  41. Waiting in Vain? What Happens When Your Medical Flight is Delayed
    7-May-12 • Comments Off
  42. Mercy Jets Medical Director Trains Military Doctors
    30-Apr-12 • Comments Off
  43. Duran Duran’s Le Bon Supports Air Ambulance Service
    14-Apr-12 • Comments Off
  44. Mercy Jets Finalizes Testing on In-Flight Automated Medical Records
    22-Mar-12 • Comments Off
  45. Happy Presidents’ Day
    20-Feb-12 • Comments Off
  46. Mercy Jets Celebrates Heart Month With Charitable Donations
    15-Feb-12 • Comments Off
  47. Valentines Day and Heart Health
    14-Feb-12 • Comments Off
  48. It’s just a little Heart Attack
    13-Feb-12 • Comments Off
  49. Understanding Your Blood Pressure Numbers
    8-Feb-12 • Comments Off
  50. 3 Easy Tips towards a Healthy Heart
    5-Feb-12 • Comments Off
  51. Heart Health Month is Febuary
    2-Feb-12 • Comments Off
  52. Air Ambulance Video
    31-Jan-12 • Comments Off
  53. Ground Zero Rescue Workers heart is failing and is in need of treatment
    31-Oct-11 • Comments Off
  54. Air Ambulance Disaster Relief Efforts
    9-Sep-11 • Comments Off
  55. Common Cold Myths
    4-Jan-11 • Comments Off
  56. Your Guide to Medical Transportation
    10-Nov-10 • Comments Off
  57. Air Ambulance Provider Mercy Jets LLC Takes Off in Phoenix
    30-Oct-10 • Comments Off
  58. Terminal Illness Support: How to Be There for Loved Ones
    19-Oct-10 • Comments Off
  59. High Cholesterol Levels
    11-Oct-10 • Comments Off
  60. Gene Therapy For Cancer Treatment
    6-Sep-10 • Comments Off
  61. What is Lymphoma Cancer?
    30-Aug-10 • Comments Off
  62. The Causes of High Cholesterol
    22-Aug-10 • Comments Off
  63. Thunderstorm Avoidance, How Commercial Airline Pilots Are Able to Avoid Them
    7-Aug-10 • Comments Off
  64. Raise Good Cholesterol
    29-Jul-10 • Comments Off
  65. Human Genetic Disorder – Cystic Fibrosis
    19-Jul-10 • Comments Off
  66. Heart Disease – 2 Myths That Are Bad For Your Health
    8-Jul-10 • Comments Off
  67. Fish Oil for Heart Health – Find the Missing Piece of the Puzzle
    16-Jun-10 • Comments Off
  68. Icelands Eyjafjallajökull Volcano
    9-May-10 • 2 Comments

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