Mercy Jets is a worldwide air ambulance service that helps people get the care they need. We work with you and your family to arrange your medical transport from start to finish, and we pride ourselves on providing the best care at the most affordable prices.
Most of all, we work hard to make sure our clients experience exceptional service and care. That includes the opportunity for loved ones to travel with clients and updates throughout the transport to those who are not able to travel with their family member.

Here’s what our patients, their friends and families have to say about us:

Our Air Ambulance Stories

Here’s what others are saying:

I have never seen the process for transporting a patient to another facility go so well before!

~ Sonja
Physicians Assistant
New York Presbyterian Hospital

What really stood out besides the customer service were the constant updates we got throughout the flight.  I’ve scheduled a lot of private flights, and this is the first time I’ve gotten updates on where the flight was and how the passenger was doing during the flight, and we got updates about where the ambulance was as well. We always knew where he was and how he was.  It was comforting to know, and it’s got to be comforting for families to know.”

~ Mark Seed

I was treated respectfully and politely. Moreover, everyone I spoke with was very knowledgable.”

~ Derek Beatty

The whole process was seamless… Mercy Jets organized everything & communications were excellent!”

~ Anne Harvey

I would highly recommend them to anyone who has the need for such services.”

~ Janet S. Netz, Ph.D.

Mercy Jets

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