Air Ambulance Transport for Husband and Father

Chris’ Story

Air Ambulance transport

While Chris was laying in his hospital bed in Medford, Oregon, his daughter Nicky knew he was in trouble.  He had been readmitted after complications from surgery 8 weeks earlier.  He was bleeding internally.

The hospital had a solution.  A colectomy, the complete removal of his large intestine.  It would be a life changing operation for not just him, but his wife and family.  That day the family made the decision to seek a second opinion.

Nicky was a nurse at the Mayo clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. and after discussing her father’s condition with local surgeons they found a different solution.  Instead of removing the entire colon, they decided that they would repair it instead.  The family had found the procedure that was needed for Chris but they were still looking for the rest of the pieces of the puzzle.  Could they get the Mayo Clinic to accept the transfer from Oregon before his condition worsened and how would they get them there?

Anatomy of the Colon
“When I was first told that it would be 1-2 weeks before my father would be admitted I was stunned and it was then I knew I needed some help” said Nicky.  The Mercy Jets team lept into action to help the family.  Nicky had been unsuccessful in securing a hospital room for her father at her hospital.  It was at that point John (President of Mercy Jets) began personally calling the Intake Coordinator and the admitting Surgeon.  “He worked tirelessly to get them the information they needed and convince them of the urgency of the matter.  Instead of it taking two weeks, John had secured it in a matter of hours.”  Mercy Jets had the medical team meet Chris and his wife in the hospital in Medford shortly after the securing the room at Mayo.  Then both of them were flown to Scottsdale in a Lear Jet Air Ambulance so Chris could receive his surgery.

Two weeks after recovering from his surgery, Chris was able to board a commercial airliner and fly back home to Oregon without any assistance.

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