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Daniel’s Story

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Daniel’s Story began with a simple phone call. What was unusual about it is who it was from, another air ambulance company. The company had been working with Daniel and his family to transport him to Italy for treatments but the aircraft that they would be using would take 6 stops to get there. The case manager with Mercy Jets knew that every takeoff and landing increases the chances for complications for the patient and the transport. We had a different solution. Using the right aircraft for the trip would allow us to transport not only the patient, but the family members who wanted to accompany him.

We would use a Gulfstream IV aircraft to fly nonstop from New York to Italy.  With the solution in hand it was time to check every detail before the transport.  “They worked all through the night on Sunday… ensuring all documents were completed.” Rosanna said.  Final consults with both the receiving and sending doctors were completed.  Coordination of ground transportation for the family and ambulances for the patient.  Approval by Italian equivalent of customs and immigration for all five additional family members, patient, medical and flight teams.

Mercy Jets then dispatched a critical care medical team to New York while the aircraft repositioned to Teterboro, NJ.  With everything in place the medical team met the patient and family to transporting everyone to the aircraft.  The patient was loaded into an ambulance with the medical team and one family member.  The remainder of the family followed in another vehicle.

9 1/2 hours after meeting the patient in New York they were arriving at the facility in Italy.  “The Mercy Jets staff was excellent and very dedicated” stated Rosanna.  We were able to properly care for the patient and the family.  Getting everyone safely to Italy in less than half the time other companies would have.  It’s all in a days work, Complete Continuity of Care.

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