Teenager Receives Life Changing Surgery after Air Ambulance Flight

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Mercy Jets provides life changing transport.

No one ever expects it.  Those final moment before a life changing event.
An 18 year old high school athlete who was actively involved in a multitude of sports; football, wrestling, etc.

All of that changed one day in August.  Jumping on his dirtbike, like he had a multitude of times before, to just go for a quick spin around his back yard.  It was the last time he would walk again.  The resulting accident on his dirtbike left him with a spinal cord injury, battling for his life.   The next couple of months were spent in the hospital having multiple surgeries, battling respiratory failure and beginning rehab.

Mercy Jets was contacted when his medical team decided that there was the possibility of significantly improving his life with specialty surgery available to him at the Mayo Clinic.  The team at Mercy Jet’s had both the knowledge and ability to safely perform the transport for him in his current, delicate, condition.

That March morning the medical team secured his stretcher and assisted both of his parents into the ICU configured aircraft.  With the security of the proper critical care medical team on board, the learjet lifted off the ground, turned west, and made the impossible a reality.

The surgery was a resounding success.  Upon returning to Ohio, his doctor remarked that what they did for him in 7 hours of surgery would have taken his team two weeks to do.  Between the surgery and rehab, he has now recovered use of his arms and continues to make progress in becoming an independent adult.

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