Dora’s Story

Dora's recent adventure to Paris
It was 4am, about 4,000 meters above sea level and 20 degrees below freezing on a country road when I was involved in a tragic vehicle accident, with fatalities, in Peru in 2011. People were trapped, I suffered head injuries as well as other physical injuries. Understanding my injuries was often lost in the translation as translators did not have an understanding of medical terminology.

After being discharged from hospital in Cusco I was unwell, alone and in a state of trauma and confusion. I booked into a hotel and cried for days feeling bewildered, depressed and unable to make a decision. My insurance company in Australia, QBE, was most unhelpful. As I did not have a return ticket from South America they refused to assist me in leaving South America (read the small print!). They also claimed that they would not pay for medical attention in the USA or anywhere outside of South America.

Machu Picchu in the early morning
My whole world changed after a simple email to Mercy Jets.

A teleconference was arranged to discuss my predicament. I emailed my medical reports and Mercy Jets had them translated by their team and informed me of my true condition as assessed by the medical team at Cusco hospital. They negotiated with my insurance company and kept me in the loop with all communications.Soon I was on a flight to Miami. On arrival in Miami they had arranged all medical appointments and kept in constant contact with me.

The involvement of the Mercy Jets team ensured that my insurance company DID pay for my medical treatments in Miami. I totally recommend using Mercy Jets if you need a compassionate, efficient and capable team to get you home with the least amount of trauma. It’s nice to be taken care of when you feel hurt and vulnerable.

Thank you Mercy Jets, I am indebted to you for your care and sense of humanity in my time of tremendous trauma. I feel safer in my travels knowing you are an email away.

Dora Sinnott

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